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My RoadMap To Cyberspace
My Most Used Links
Metacrawler (GoTo) Search Engine
Refdesk - Best Reference Source on the Net
John C. Dvorak's Personal Portal,
Hot Springs Forcast
Hot Springs Weather Radar Loop
12 Hr Weather Sat Loop
World Earthquake Report,
DTEEE's Homepage (Me),
EagleWagon Homepage
- (My Old Car)
CPUJockey Page (And Again Me)
Uses for Dead Computers,

Now how did you find this page?  Oh well, since your here, maybe you can find what you are looking for with my index.  This is mainly for my own personal use, but if helps you find something you are looking for, glad I could help.

Audio (Hardware Related) Records & TurnTable Specific CDs & Group Websites
Do it yourself Audio Pages
Scott's DIY Audio
Ultimate Audio,,
Vintage Electronics Sales, Service & Parts
777 Online Christian Music
Ars NovaRed Trumpet
The Disc Doctor -Highly Recommended,
Garage O Records, Lyle Cartridges
International Classical Records
The Vinyl Tourist, The Vinyl Zone
BMG Music Club Sound & Spirit
CD Universe Main Frame
Second Spin
e-bay Music FolkCelticCountry
Audio Sales and Publications Buying Books  Eduction (History Resources)
Audio Advisor, Headroom,
Portland Music Co
eBay Listings Audio, Audiogon
The Absolute Sound
Amazon.Com, Barnes & Noble, ComputerBooksDirect
Biliofind - Find used books
e-Bay Books
Free books online: 
Project Gutenburg, UNC Mirror, UofPenn
Arkansas Civil War History,
Refdesk - Best Reference Source on the Net
US Constitution
Auctions Cameras & Photography Electronics and Stuff
eBay - Search, eBay Sign In
My eBay - Bidder List, eBay - Seller List
Shipping Options
USPS Rate Calculator
Abileine Camera Repair Service 
eBay -35mm
J&R Music World (Lots 'O Stuff)
Bill's 2 Way Radio
C. Crane Company - (Radios)
C.B. Homebrew Projects
eBay -Consumer Electronics
eBay -Solar Panel
Jade Mountain's Solar Panels &Modules 
Space & Telescopes Sportsman Stuff Science
2 line elements for satillite tracking, NASA
Terra Server view from the air
Meade Telescopes
Space Weather Bureau
eBay Listings Sporting Goods
All Outdoors!,
The Sportsman's Guide (Store)
Colin's wierd collection of links,
Lee Reloading Catalog,
Reloading Links Page
Bizar Stuff You Can Make in Your Kitchen
Fun Science
Periodic Table Online
Conversion Charts,
World Earthquake Map
Trains Plane's Automobiles
Bob's Hobby Shop
eBay - N scale Trains
Texas Central Railroad
Big Sky Airlines
Dryden Research Aircraft Photo Gallery
Alex's Electric Car Page
Car and Driver
EagleWagon Homepage (My Old Car)
Electric Vehicle Photo Album
NASCAR Online, JCWhitney
Pheonix EV Photo Album
Road & Track
Laughs Financial Political
Dilbert Zone
The 5th Wave
Cheapskate Monthly
KitcoGold , Smart Quotes , StockMaster
American Numismatic Association
Crown Financial Ministries
GOA, Handgun Control, NRA,
ACLU, Rutherford Institute
Siera Club, PETA
Arkansas Neprology Services

Big Brother - Federal, State, and Local
Federal State  Hot Springs/Garland Co.
Department of Energy 
US Forest Service
State of Arkansas Hot Springs
Garland Co Sherriff, HSPD
Who's watching big brother:

Friends, Romans, & Countrymen
Non-Profit Organizations & Schools
Mike Minton,
Myers Web Works
Tim Stone, 
ATU Missionary Babtist Student Fellowship
ATU Wesley Foundatoin
Central Baptist College
Gideons International
Samaritan's Purse, The Voice of the Martyrs
Keith Wheeler carry's the Cross

News & Comentary: Computer
CPU Central
Forbes Mag - Technology
Linux Today - Links to Linux News
PC Magazine (Opinions)
SANS Institute Online - Security
Sharky Extreme - Hardware Reviews
Tom's Hardware Guide - Reviews

News & Comentary: Other
Print, Papers, Mags
Network or Broadcast TV
Arkansas Democrate Gazette
Drudge - Links to all the "big guys"
Sentinel Record (Hot Springs paper)
KZNG Radio 1340
CNN Headlines
Fox News
Atlantic HiRes Sat
Geostaionary Satellite Server
Hurricanes, Typhoons & Tropical Cyclones
Weather Channel

Computers Sites I Visit Most Often
Many of these links go staight to Tech Support Sites
Computer Hardware Drivers Hardware/Software Sales -
Driver Files Archive, The Driver Zone,, (These are price comparisonsites.  Each will yeild different results)
Mostly New : Insight Direct (Vada @ 1-800-INSIGHT x5764),
Artronix (Little Rock)CDWDirt Cheap DrivesMicro-DataComm-Mac-Warehouse, PC-Mall
Mostly Used, Refurbished, or Discontinued: eBay - Computers , eBay - Search for items, Evertek - Wholesales only, Hi-Tech - Louie the Liquidator, PC-Closeout World, PC Surplus Online Titan Commercial Group
Software Man. Update Info Linux, Linux, Linux - Drivers, Linuxnewbee
Software Manufactures Other Search Engines
AutoDesk (AutoCad)
Microsoft, Novell
RedHat, Mandrake
CompareNet, ListBot, Thunderstone
AnyWho, MetaCrawlerReverseLookup
WhoWhere, SwitchBoard
Hardware Manufactures
Harddrives:Fujitsu,  Maxtor, Seagate,Western-Digital
SCSI: Adaptec
Motherboards: AcerASUSTyan
Memory: Kingston Simple Viking
Video: #9, ASUS, ATI CTX Diamond NECSTB, ViewSonic Network:3Com, Cisco, SMC
Modems:3ComHayes USRobotics Other: Belkin Creative-Labs, Iomega, Sony
Notebook: Dell, Gateway,   IBM,  Micron, Toshiba,  Winbook
System OEMs: Compaq(YUK!) DellGateway(Dbl-YUK!) IBM Micron QuantexC
Printers: Calcomp Canon HP, Lexmark, Okidata, PARTS NOW

Obsolete Computers (Maybe)
Commodore Zone
NeXT Computer
Texas Instraments 
TRS-80/Radio Shack/Tandy 
Uses for Dead Computers
eBay - Vintage Computers

Virus and Hoax Information
Your Computer will blow up if you visit these sites - NOT!!
Department of Energy
IBM, McAffee, Symantec
NIPC, Urban Legons

ISPs, Web Site Design, & Internet E-mail
ISP:, Aristotle,, SWBell
Designers: Myers Web Works
AOL Mail,, SunCom Send a Message
Sake' Mail,

About This Page: 
This page is a list of links that I find useful or interesting and are put here for my own personal use.  I keep a copy on my local drives that I use as my home page.  It is all text so it loads fast and I always have my "Favorites" list on any computer.  Feel free to use it, but please note that I don't add links to this page unless I use them.  Some sites linked may promote things that I agree or disagree with (I always like knowing what the other guy is thinking), so don't go labeling me one way or the other based on these links: if you want to know what I think or believe then write me and I will tell you. 

You can reach me at EAGLEWAGON(spam guard)@AOL.COM.

Whats (spam guard) ? Its a few words added to keep SPAM'ers from emailing me.

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